Seesii 3D Green Beam Self-Leveling Laser Level 3x360 Cross Line Laser

Seesii 3D Green Beam Self-Leveling Laser Level 3x360 Cross Line Laser Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Laser Level -Two 360° Vertical and One 360° Horizontal Line

This Seesii laser level projects three laser lines ,one 360° horizontal and two 360° vertical planes , so that users can accurately and quickly execute level, align, square and plumb applications.The laser lines are visible up to 130 Ft. The Smart Pendulum System self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition to help ensure an accurate layout, and it locks the lines at any angle. The pendulum system locks when switched off, to assure secure tool transport. The included magnetic pivoting base provides microfine height adjustment, and it allows the laser to be attracted to any iron surface, for level lines at any height.


Seesii 3D Self-Leveling Laser Level Specification

Direct use: Powered by 2pcs Lion batteries which come in Package, permitting you to use straightforwardly.

Safe Transportation: Pendulum locked can protect the laser from going off plumb or level during transportation.

Laser Class: Class I (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), <1mW power output

Laser Wavelength: 532nm

Leveling Accuracy: ±1/9 inch at 33Ft

Horizontal/Vertical Accuracy: ±1/9 inch at 33Ft.

Leveling/Compensation Range: ±4°

Working Distance: 130Ft (100 LUX)

Operating Time: 6 hours with all laser beams on

Operation Temperature Range: 14℉ ~ 122℉ (-10℃~ 50℃)

Mount Size: 1/4"-20 and 5/8"-11 adapter

360° Horizontal Line

3 x 360° 3D Green Beam Rotary Laser LevelMultiple Line Switching Functions


  • This laser level allows users to line up level, align, square and plumb by generating three 360° laser planes –one horizontal and two vertical lines.
  • The one 360° horizontal and two 360° vertical laser lines can be selected individually depends on job site applications.
  • Multiple Line Switching Modes can be Selected Freely Accordingly: 360° Horizontal Line mode, one 360° Vertical Line mode, Two 360° Vertical Lines mode, 360° Horizontal&360° Vertical Lines mode.